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On July 14, 1999, Scott Brooks was one of the three OSHA Compliance Officers at Miller Park conducting an OSHA inspection. After finishing up for the day, OSHA was told the crane, Big Blue, was not going to lift the roof section. Brooks and the two other Compliance Officers headed back to the job trailer to go over the day's inspections. After their meeting, they exited the General Contractor's trailer and saw Big Blue holding the roof section, 4R Block 3, over the Miller Park Stadium. Brooks and one other Compliance Officer proceeded to the southwest corner of Miller Park where Big Blue was positioned. Brooks started to video Big Blue and quickly realized something seemed to be going wrong.  (For more information on the complete inspection, contact me for further details). Three individuals lost their lives that day. The fallen workers and their families will never be forgotten.
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OSHA - big blue collapse (AUDIO)
Recording by two eyewitnesses to the "Miller Park Disaster" that took the lives of three ironworkers in 1999.